Letters of Inquiry (LOI)

Before submitting an article, please submit a Letter of Inquiry (see important details below!) so that we can assess whether your planned submission is suitable for the journal. Please note that for your paper to be within scope, the research questions have to concern digital media on substance. That is, relying on digital media as the source of data does not in and of itself make a paper relevant for JQD:DM.

LOIs should be no longer than a paragraph (maximum 500 words!) and address the questions below directly in the sequence presented on this page. LOIs should address all of the questions explicitly. Submitting an abstract is not a valid substitute for addressing these questions directly. Failure to do so will likely result in a rejection or a request for revision. Please note that in the review process we will pay special attention to sampling and weighting concerns, which are critical to ensure the validity of descriptive inferences. The more directly the LOI addresses these questions, the sooner we will be able to evaluate it and respond to the submission. 

  • What is your research question, in one sentence?
  • What is being described?
  • How is the sample constructed?
  • How does it pertain to digital media?

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If your LOI is accepted then you will be asked to submit a full paper. We will send out your paper to at least two reviewers using the double-blind review process (neither reviewer/s nor author/s know/s of the other's identity).