Social Media Repertoires: Investigating Multifaceted Social Media Use Among Late Adolescents


  • Tobias Frey University of Zurich
  • Thomas N. Friemel University of Zurich



Social Media, Media repertoires, User-generated content, Imagined audiences, Adolescents, Repertoire, Sharing, Consumption, Curation, Audiences


Social media play a crucial role in adolescents’ everyday lives and impact their well-being, mental health, and risk behavior. Consequently, it is vital to understand the multifaceted social media use of this age group. However, despite the increasing number of platforms affording the curation of communication and audiences, studies to date have predominantly examined single platforms while neglecting sharing behavior and the variety of communication partners. In this article, we thus apply a holistic repertoire perspective that offers essential descriptive insights. We consider active social media users that 1) use multiple communication platforms, 2) apply various communication practices, and 3) curate distinct communication partners. We analyze data from a representative survey among late adolescents (ages 15–19) in Switzerland and explore the use of six social media platforms (i.e., Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook). We identify social media repertoires, analyze consumption, sharing, and curation practices, and compare perceived and addressed actors across platforms. The implications for future media use and effects research are discussed.




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Frey, T., & Friemel, T. N. (2023). Social Media Repertoires: Investigating Multifaceted Social Media Use Among Late Adolescents. Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media, 3, 1–33.